Saturday, June 7, 2014

Interim files listing part 3: Daz-friendly BVH conversions with hip correction

While I begin to work through the process of attempting to get Google to restore the cgspeed Google Sites content, which contained a variety of notes and explanations about the different filesets, I'll post links to the various conversions here, in separate blog posts. 

This set of files was created to use with the Daz gen3 and gen4 characters.  I haven't tested them with later Daz generations -- I see that as of June 2014, Daz is now on Victoria 6 and Aiko 5.

If you want to use these BVH files with Daz characters, you generally want this release (i.e. the files listed below) rather than the "secondary release", which doesn't include the hip correction.

Some training videos for how to use this dataset with Daz Aiko3 are available:
  Part 1
  Part 2

From the README for this file set:

This release is a set of BVH files designed to work seamlessly with the 3rd-generation (gen3) and 4th-generation (gen4) prerigged characters from Daz ( These characters include, for
  Aiko3 Victoria3 David3 Michael3 SP3 Aiko4 Victoria4 SP4


Motionbuilder 2009 occasionally saves bogus hip rotation values for some (but not all) frames of an animation when exporting in BVH format. The workaround for this bug was to replace all hip rotation values with the original rotation values from the motionbuilder-friendly, pre-retargeting BVH files.


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The Filesets 1-9 links to Filesets 10-14
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Hello Bruce i cant get the files 1-9 they take to me 10-14
amazing work helped me out a ton