Saturday, June 7, 2014

Interim files listing part 1: Original BVH conversions

While I begin to work through the process of attempting to get Google to restore the cgspeed Google Sites content, which contained a variety of notes and explanations about the different filesets, I'll post links to the various conversions here, in separate blog posts.

Here are the links to the original BVH conversion that I did in 2008.  These files won't be particularly 3dsMax-friendly, nor are they Daz-friendly.  They should, however, open in Motionbuilder and in general should be readable by any software that can parse the BVH file format.

In general you DON'T want to use this dataset - you'll probably be better off with the updated, 2010 Motionbuilder-friendly release.

The original source of all data here is Carnegie Mellon University's motion capture database, although CMU doesn't provide the data in BVH format.  The files are contained in numbered subfolders, with numbering up through 144.  Some folder numbers weren't used in the original CMU database, so don't be surprised that you don't get a complete set of folders numbered from 1 to 144.

Filesets 1-9
Filesets 10-14
Filesets 15-19
Filesets 20-29
Filesets 30-34
Filesets 35-39
Filesets 40-45
Filesets 46-56
Filesets 60-75
Filesets 76-80
Filesets 81-85
Filesets 86-94
Filesets 102-111
Filesets 113-128
Filesets 131-135
Filesets 136-140
Filesets 141-144

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