Wednesday, July 7, 2010

CMU motion capture BVH release for Daz characters is in progress

Here's a 60-second test video that I made with a BVH file from the upcoming Daz-friendly conversion of the Carnegie-Mellon BVH dataset. I'm working on a new conversion which will complement the existing motionbuilder-friendly and Max-friendly releases. There has been at least one previous Poser-oriented conversion of the CMU dataset in the past, however investigation suggests that it has quite a lot of problems with bad joint rotations. This new conversion should avoid the problems of previous releases.


JP said...

i just found your site and have made extensive downloads of the files, and the "Old Poser" files from sharecg.

unfortunately i didn't see this post until after all that time. Either way i'm still appreciative that you have gone to all this trouble, and am anxious to use the Poser versions. My other regular CG program is C4d so i'm sure one of these formats should be suitable to the C4d regular "human" model.

i also tried to sign up for your email list, but it was bounced back. is that not going any more?

thanks again-i look forward to experimenting with all these files.

Unknown said...

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