Monday, July 21, 2008

Announcement: release of over 2500 free BVH files

I'm happy to announce the free release of an enhanced BVH conversion of the entire set of 2548 human motions from the Carnegie-Mellon Graphics Lab Motion Capture Database. This is a large set of professionally-captured human motions of a wide variety of types, suitable for use in animation software, which has not previously been available in BVH format.

Please see the announcement and download page for the full details.


Unknown said...

Hey Bruce,

Again, great that you're doing this. So for the people who, like me, want to use this data in 3ds max biped, you can follow these steps (using motionbuilder 7.5):

(one time)
- Download the cs_bvh.fbx file, for example here (if it's not available anymore just google the whole name):

(for each bvh-file)
- Open the cs_bvh.fbx file
- Load the BVH file.
- Drag a character asset into MB window
- Expand the BVH hierarchy so you can see the hips
- Set up the character window so that the joints mapping window is visible
- Right-click on BVH hips (BVH 1:reference) and choose option to select all joints ('select branches')
- Drag and drop the hips to populate the character joint mappings.
- Check the "characterize" checkbox and choose biped from the popup.

- Select the CS_BVH character (the MAX character) from the character controls window.
- choose edit > input > character (the default name for the empty character that was dragged in)
- choose edit > plot character
- then there is only the option 'control rig', select that
- choose edit > input > character input
- choose edit > plot character
- now there is also an option 'skeleton', select that

- select the hips joint of the max skeleton
- export as bvh
- import the newly created bvh in 3ds max biped as a mocap

Good luck!


神奇 said...

Hello, I'm a newbie for motionbuilder so this might sounds dump but i just cant figure it out....i downloaded the bvh files, but motionbuilder gives me "the file can not be opened" message when I try to import any of them..... can anyone shed some light?