Thursday, August 5, 2021

CGspeed content is now migrated to new Google Sites

Throughout 2021, Google is in the process of shutting down its legacy Google Sites service and replacing it with "new Google Sites". I've now migrated the CGspeed content that lives within Sites to the new version of Sites. The content will have a different appearance, but in theory should still be intact and the motion capture download links should still work. This blog page is still the same, since it's hosted on Blogger, not Sites.

The download page that most people will want is , which continues to have the links to the Daz-friendly, 3dsMax-friendly, and Motionbuilder-friendly conversions of Carnegie-Mellon University's original motion capture data.

No content has changed since 2010, and I'm not presently doing further work with these datasets, however they do remain available for free use.

- Bruce (bruce at maronmedia dot com)