Friday, July 30, 2010

The cgspeed Daz-friendly release of over 2500 BVH files is now available

I'm pleased to announce the most recent BVH conversion of the Carnegie-Mellon (CMU) motion capture library. The new conversion is for the Daz ( 3rd-generation and 4th-generation characters such as Aiko3, Aiko4, Victoria3, Victoria4, Michael3, Michael4, and so on. Over 2500 separate BVH files are available, with an index. You can get the files right here at cgspeed.

Other people have previously done releases of the CMU motion dataset for the Daz characters or "for Poser", however sometimes there are significant problems using these earlier releases. This new "official" release was created via a full retargeting in Motionbuilder, and is designed to import seamlessly into programs like Daz Studio when you use any of the Daz gen3 or gen4 characters.

Two training videos are available (in HD):
Part 1:
Part 2:

This Daz-friendly release is actually two separate releases: a "primary" and a "secondary" release. The difference between these two releases is explained in the second training video, and in the full READMEFIRST file of the primary release. Generally you should start with the primary release, and only get the secondary release if you think you need it -- see the second training video for an example.

Thanks to John Lukasiewicz for doing the initial heavy lifting on the Motionbuilder Python script that enabled this release. No thanks to Autodesk for having bugs in their BVH export code, which I had to correct around. :-O

AFFILIATION AND DISCLAIMER: I (Bruce) am not affiliated with and don't speak for Carnegie-Mellon University, Daz Productions, Autodesk, or Smith Micro, and they don't speak for me. :-)


JP said...

Just saw that you finished these Daz conversions and wanted to say thank you for all your time and effort doing that. i also really appreciate the tutorials on Vimeo. i'm watching/listening to the first one right now as i'm writing this.

i'm really anxious to give these a go! Again i really appreciate your doing this for the community. i don't have Motion Builder any more so this is a great resource you are opening up for another whole group of people.


chase said...

Why on earth would you post these file to a fracking major ad loop place like Mediafire?

Seriously who wants to go through all that to find nothing but ads - and no clear download link.

Total frackin BS. that just pisses people off trying to download when you seemed sinsere in providing the files.

so... now that i said that - were are the frackin files? i still can't find the links once at Media Fire. Just adds and missleading download links.

Send me the files and I'll host them at a respectable place - where people can actually download what they are after with out spending 20 minutes looking and finding nothing.

Unknown said...

Congratulations Chase! You have officially designated yourself as a world class douchebag. Someone takes the time to provide an absolutely amazing resource like this for free and all you can do is bitch. Are you for real?

Since you like free things here's a free tip for you. If you can't figure out how to download files from Media Fire you have absolutely no business playing with Mocap files. It only get more complicated from the download button page on.

Regina Paul-Author, Artist, Intuitive said...

I think it's great that you made these useable in Daz Studio. There are a lot of great animations here, however the last time I attempted to download the animations I got a virus from the download site that crashed my last computer to the point it was unfixable. I ended up having to purchase a brand new computer. As much as I'd like to have these I'm concerned about getting the same virus if I try and download them again. So, I'd appreciate some reassurance that the website owner has checked these files fully to be sure that a hacker hasn't come in and somehow attached a virus to them.

Please let me know if you have and if it is now safe to download as I will not be downloading them or encouraging anyone to download until I can be sure they are safe.


Unknown said...

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